Weight Loss Resolutions You Can Keep!

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Weight Loss New Years Resolutions You Can Keep!

As we wrap up 2017, millions of people are planning their New Year’s resolution. The beginning of a new year offers a blank palette so to speak, allowing you to start fresh with new goals. According to StatisticsBrain, losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution, accounting for 21.4 percent of all resolutions. If your resolution is weight loss, you should follow some simple tips to increase your chances of success.

Eat the Right Foods

A successful new year weight loss regimen begins with reevaluating your diet. You can’t expect to shed those unwanted pounds if you continue eating the same foods you normally eat. So, try cutting back on high-sugar and high-carb foods while adding more lean meats and vegetables to your diet.

Be Well 365 offers some helpful recipes, many of which are low carb. You don’t have to necessarily eliminate carbs from your diet, but you should keep them to a minimum.

eating healthy for weight loss

Explore Medical Weight Loss Options

Dieting isn’t always enough to lose weight. Sometimes genetics just aren’t on your side, in which case you should consider non-invasive medical solutions to achieve your weight loss resolution.

Lipotropic injections may help you reach realistic weight loss goals. This non-invasive procedure doesn’t involve extracting fat like liposuction. Rather, these injections contain components which help with nutrition, energy, fat burning, muscle building and our newest secret ingredient helps to curb those “sweet cravings!

Another non-invasive solution for weight loss is behavior therapy. This involves meeting with a specialist who will create a customized plan based on your needs. Combined with traditional techniques like dieting and exercise, behavior therapy is an invaluable tool for achieving realistic weight loss goals.

Exercise for weight loss

Create a Support System

Finally, you must create a support system to achieve your weight loss resolution. According to Huffington Post, only 8 percent of people follow through with their New Year’s resolution. One of the reasons for this high failure rate is because they don’t have a strong support system.

To create a support system, let your friends and family know about your weight loss resolution. Additionally, contact the team at Be Well 365. They’ll walk you through the steps of weight loss, encouraging and motivating you along the way.

Following these tips may help you achieve your new year weight loss goals. To learn more about Be Well 365’s weight loss and health programs, contact us today. While the New Year is still weeks away, it’s never too early to get a head start on your resolution!

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