Behavior Therapy for Weight Loss

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Health threats and injuries, relationship changes, childbirth, milestone birthdays, working over 40 hours a week: these are all just some of the life events that can contribute to weight gain. Events like these can cause stress, forced lifestyle changes, and lack of time to focus on maintaining a healthy weight. Why does weight loss seem so daunting and difficult? How many times have we tried to lose weight, only to fall back into our old habits? Many times it is because we have not changed our thinking. Behavioral therapy, helping a client change their thinking and subsequently their behavior, has been proven to make other weight loss efforts (like diet and exercise) much more effective and lasting.

Why Behavior Therapy is Important

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The best kind of help for change focuses on the whole person. Learned behaviors become habits, and sometimes those habits are unhealthy or destructive and can lead to weight gain. San Antonio behavioral therapy through Be Well 365 helps patients identify the thinking and behaviors that are causing the weight gain and teaches them how to begin to change.

How Behavior Therapy Works

We all know the basics of what we need to do to lose weight, right? The problem comes when we don’t know how to get ourselves to do it. During sessions at our San Antonio weight loss clinic, you will learn to acknowledge the thinking that is not allowing you to change and work to move past it.

Each individual patient will make their own goals to help ignite change and get them out of long-term habits. Patients will identify the obstacles that are keeping them from losing weight, the triggers to unhealthy behaviors, and learn that they actually do have the power to change their life. While we might not have control over our life events, we can have control over what we tell ourselves about the event, and with that comes the power to change in a positive way.

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Why Behavior Therapy for Weight Loss

A professional with experience in behavioral therapy can come along side a person to help them see where their thinking might need some tweaking. Talking through thought processes and behaviors can reveal exactly what needs to be done for change to occur. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for weight loss, so we’ll need help getting the tools to press on in the journey and the ability to maintain a healthy weight once we’ve hit our goals.

Combining behavior therapy along with other weight loss efforts might be exact thing you need to do to be successful once and for all. Feel free to contact our San Antonio weight loss clinic Be Well 365 to schedule a consultation. We use behavior therapy as well as other effective weight loss services to help patients reach their goal. We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to help you succeed in your weight loss journey.

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