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Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2, can be more frustrating than alarming in some cases. It means significantly altering your eating habits and possibly committing to a long term medication regimen. Even with recent advances in diabetes research, there’s still no cure for the condition…or is there? Just as a poor diet and lack of physical activity increased your risk of contracting diabetes, so too may a better diet and more exercise be the answer to correcting the condition. Doctors and researchers are now taking a new look at the connection between weight loss and diabetes.

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Can Weight Loss Cure Diabetes?

It should be noted that, while living a healthier lifestyle is always recommended, the benefits you derive from healthier eating habits and increased physical activity greatly depends on your particular circumstances. Factors such as the severity of your diabetes, the length of time you have had the illness, and your overall state of health all play a part in how much you can derive from these changes. In some cases, there’s even a possibility that weight loss reverse diabetes.

Even so, there are some things you can do that commonly help most diabetics. For instance, losing weight is a great way to help your body better manage blood sugar levels, but you must act to keep those pounds off. If you can lose even five or ten pounds, that may mean the difference between taking medication for the rest of your life or just making better eating choices.

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Taking off 5-10% of your total body mass and adding at least two and a half hours of exercise per week can have a significant impact on the progression of type 2 diabetes. For people who live primarily sedentary lives, adding just a few minutes of exercise to their daily routine can produce positive results. While you should be getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, you can work yourself up to that with short bursts of movement. Walking outside to check the mail or using the stairs instead of the elevator are a few ways you can add more physical activity to your days.

Where to Begin

While weight loss is not an instant remedy to diabetes, pursuing a healthier diet and more active way of life can help you get the symptoms of type 2 diabetes under control. Depending on your situation, you may be able to reduce or eliminate medications simply by living a healthier way of life. Can weight loss cure diabetes? Maybe not by itself, but in conjunction with other lifestyle changes, you may be able to live a happier and more energetic life. If you’re ready for a lifestyle change that may help increase your energy levels, reduce the amount of medications you are on and improve your overall health, contact Be Well 365 today. Our team of weight loss experts combine the power of exercise, healthy eating, behavioral therapies, lipotropic injections and more to help you transform your life.

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