Weight Loss and You: The Science Behind Losing Unwanted Pounds

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Losing weight is one of the best decisions that an individual can embark upon when trying to change their lifestyle.

Have you ever found yourself, perhaps as you get older, feeling more tired, sluggish, achy and encumbered by mental fog and fatigue? All of these are warning signs that your internal health, as well as your outward appearance, is beginning to dwindle in reference to your lifestyle changes. Although getting into shape and losing weight can be a revolutionary task that can greatly impact your life, it does not happen overnight.

How exercise helps weight loss

Weight Loss is Mental

Before understanding the technical aspects of how weight loss occurs in the body on a biological level, it’s important to understand the mindset needed to make it possible. Weight loss is achieved through a proper mindset that remains aware of the challenges and struggles that will, inevitably, occur. How we plan for these obstacles and small setbacks will prepare us for the journey and give much-needed motivation to overcome these small setbacks.

Weight loss is a journey that starts by completing one step at a time. Each day that you successfully count your calories and maintain your nutrition is another step that you’ve taken towards the finish line. When you realize that your fitness goals and weight loss are a lifestyle change and not a temporary endeavor, you will gain newfound awareness and clarity in your actions.

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How Weight Loss Occurs in the Body

It’s also important to understand the internal processes that go into achieving weight loss. The body treats calories like units of energy: each calorie that is consumed is used by the body to provide vitamins, nutrients and essential building blocks that the body uses to repair itself. Depending on various factors like age, height, weight, gender and activity level, the body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain its current form.

When we consume an adequate amount of calories during the day, our body remains the same and is capable of performing the tasks that keep us alive and healthy. How weight loss occurs in the body is when we calculate how many calories our body needs to function, then subtract a small amount from our daily intake. Following this protocol will facilitate weight loss and fat burning into the future and leave you feeling refreshed and vibrant!

All in all, weight loss is a unique adventure that thousands of people partake in every year. It is essential for weight loss enthusiasts, both novice and at the expert level, to seek guidance in the form of a coach, personal trainer or friend. Health experts, like those located at Be Well 365, are waiting to transform your life in ways that you think you can only imagine. Don’t wait for the new year to pass you by, get started on your weight loss journey today!

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