Power Of Protein For Weight Loss

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You can workout all you want, but if your diet is bad, you’ll never get healthy and lose weight. Proper caloric intake, along with the right kinds of calories, is absolutely essential to weight loss. This means keeping your carbs and fat in check and ensuring you get adequate protein for your activity level and body type. As you lose weight your body will look inwardly for calories to meet your energy needs. If you’re not getting essential protein in the right amount, your body will break down muscle as well as fat, and you don’t want that.

Why Protein?

Your body primarily uses carbs and fat for energy, but it uses protein to repair damage and rebuild muscle after exercise. Protein is great for weight loss in particular because it digests slowly, meaning a protein-heavy meal will keep you fuller for longer. In addition, about 25% of the total energy provided by protein is required simply to break it down, meaning protein calories are far less likely than fat or carbs to be stored in fat cells. Ingesting enough protein also prevents muscle wasting when you’re cutting calories – it’s a great weight loss nutrient!

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Different Proteins for Different People

If you follow a basic omnivorous diet, you can get protein from anywhere, from beef and pork to more exotic sources, like shrimp or alligator. Essentially any animal meat will be packed with protein. These animal sources are usually coupled with fat, so meals made with animal proteins are going to be satisfying and filling to a high degree. For vegetarians and vegans, the sources of protein are more varied and require a little more investigation. Plant proteins such as nuts and spinach are incredibly healthy and packed with other micronutrients that meat doesn’t have. In addition, though the satiating power of fat is not often naturally paired with plant protein, vegetables have fiber. This slows absorption of the calories, keeping blood sugar level and keeping you full. In addition, fiber itself is a vital component to a healthy diet. For weight loss San Antonio needs not skip the delicious proteins that Texas serves in abundance! Skip out on the bbq sauce and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious meal!

Any type of diet can fit protein in efficiently, though. Protein-packed snacks can be as simple as some nuts and seeds, a can of tuna, string cheese, or hard-boiled eggs. A healthy green spinach salad topped with grilled chicken or salmon, and dressed in oil and vinegar hits all your nutrient needs and will keep you going for hours.

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