Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate those you love, whether they be a significant other or a close group of friends or even just yourself! Eating out is a great way to celebrate, but it can pose a challenge when trying to lose weight. Be Well has rounded up several delicious local restaurants with high protein, low carb options for Valentine’s Day. You can love the holiday even more knowing you’re eating healthy! Here are our top options.

Boudro’s on the Riverwalk
The Atmosphere:
A classic Riverwalk destination, Boudro’s offers a romantic setting with plenty to do and see after dinner. Although Boudro’s fine dining comes with a price tag, the excellent service and gorgeous location are worthwhile for a special occasion.

What to Order:
Boudro’s offers a variety of classic cajun fair, with many meat and veggie dishes on the menu. Be Well recommends ordering the Chicken Breast Chop Pan Seared with Rosemary. Leave the potatoes and enjoy the sauteed spinach and shallot bordelaise sauce. Another healthy option is the Black Angus Flank Steak with citrus soy marinade, grilled vegetable salad and chimichurri sauce.

Estimated Nutrition Information:
Chicken with sauteed spinach- 35.6g protein, 10.9g net carbs
Flank Steak and roasted veggies- 33g Protein, 10g net carbs

Cappy’s on Broadway

The Atmosphere:
Located in Alamo Heights, Cappy’s is fine dining but with a more relaxed attitude. It’s a family-owned restaurant with a friendly, welcoming demeanor.

What to Order:
Cappy’s menu offers classic American cuisine, with plenty of flavor and variety. Be Well recommends ordering the Heights burger with aged cheddar or Gorgonzola and smoked bacon, an elegant take on classic American fare. Ask to have your french fries substituted for grilled asparagus or chef’s veggies, and leave the bun. You can also order the Mustang chicken sans potatoes, a delicious zesty dish.

Estimated Nutrition Information:
Heights burger – 25g protein, 10g net carbs

Mustang Chicken – 35g protein, 12g net carbs

Tribeca on McCullough
The Atmosphere: Tribeca is a bright, open restaurant with big windows and a comfortable, covered patio. It feels like a little villa in Tuscany, and is perfect for celebrating and enjoying a loved one’s company.

What to Order: Tribeca offers Mediterranean-American food, with delicious twists on classic dishes. They offer a Valentine’s Day prix fixe, with excellent low-carb options. The escarole salad appetizer and lamb chops or pan-seared grouper entree are excellent dining out options. The blackberry compote dessert, though a sugary treat, offers a high fiber substitute for more decadent desserts.

Estimated Nutrition Information:

Escarole Salad:15g protein, 3g net carbs
Mediterranean Lamb Chops: 27g protein, 5g net carbs

Pan Seared Grouper: 30g protein, 10g net carbs

Blackberry compote: 10g protein, 20g net carbs (this is a cheat meal!)

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your loved one by staying healthy and keeping on track with your weight loss goals. If you’d like to learn more about the Be Well lifestyle, give us a call.

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