Low Carb Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

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Ahh the Super Bowl. A time when friends and family come together to celebrate something truly American: snacks. Sure the game is exciting, but the real star of the day is the food. In fact, we love Super Bowl snacks so much that we’ll consume, on average, over 1,200 calories worth of snacks during the big game. That’s a lot of chicken wings. Surely there can’t be a Super Bowl party without snacks, but maybe the snacks don’t have to be so terrible for you. We’ve found some easy, low carb, healthy Super Bowl recipes that will be the star of your party while keeping your low carb diet under control.

Five Layer Heavenly Dip (courtesy of HEB)healthy super bowl recipe

1 16oz can organic fat free refried black beans
1 8oz container sour cream
1 jar medium salsa
1 container mild guacamole
1 6oz bag organic Mexican blend cheese

In a dish layer the refried black beans and sour cream
Add only as much salsa as you would like
Add the whole container of guacamole
Top off with bag of cheese

Instead of chips, serve with cut squash or other veggies

Check out these other super simple and delicious low carb Super Bowl recipes

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We all know Super Bowl snacks can’t be eaten without a drink. Just be mindful when you are reaching for the cooler. Try sticking to low carb beer or liquor mixed with water or diet drinks.

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