3 Things you should Know About Lipotropic Injections

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Lipotropic injections to this day are still a topic of hot debate. Some experts denounce them as supplemental gimmicks that do not have any substantial effects on fat burning. Other researchers; however, give lipotropic injections a place at the table next to other methods for healthy weight loss like diet, exercise, nutrient supplementation, and hormone therapy. So who really is right? More importantly, if lipotropic injections have any positive benefits, are they right for you?


1. They are not so unnatural.

Lipotropic Injections are sometimes cast in a negative light by detractors as synthetic, artificial compounds devised by devious men in lab coats in underground labs. This just isn’t so.

Our bodies naturally produce the amino acids and nutrients found in a typical lipotropic injection and include: methionine, Inositol, Choline, and B-12. Together, these nutrients work primarily to process fat and lipids. The problem is that these compounds can become unbalanced and can be a factor in the struggle for individuals to lose weight effectively.

2. They aren’t for everyone.

Lipotropic injections can be extremely effective for some people in helping them keep their energy levels high under the demands of s stringent weight loss program. However, like all medications, food, or supplements, they aren’t for everyone.

Upset stomach can and urinary problems and even bouts of fatigue from digestive adjustment are common side effects. Additionally, some individuals may have allergic reactions to concentrated doses of vitamins such as B-12.

3. They won’t break the bank.

Typically a run of treatments is scheduled based on lab tests, weight loss program specifics, and goals. However, a full run of Lipotropic injections may not be needed to realize significant results. Every clinic prices and sources their lipotropic injections differently, so ask your physician or dietician what’s best for you.


Let Lipotropic Injections Work for You

Lipotropic injections aren’t for everyone, but they can and do help ideal candidates maintain high energy levels and help balance nutrients that are of vital importance in the processing and sorting of fat molecules.

If you’d like to be screened to see if you could benefit from lipotropic injections as a part of our physician guided weight loss program, call Be Well 365 today to schedule an appointment.


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