How Is My Skin Related To My Overall Health?


Believe it or not your skin does more than just create blemishes and burn in the hot sun. Everyone has issues with their skin depending on their skin type, some have to take more precautions to prevent skin cancer from harmful radiation. But, without our skin we would all be a lot worse off!

Skin hold in body fluids, prevents dehydration, maintains our temperature in hot and cold environments, contains our nerve endings that help us feel, and most importantly receives vitamin D, a most valuable nutrient for the human body. Vitamin D promotes the bodies absorption of calcium, essential for healthy teeth and bones.

There are other factors that may effect the health of our skin, besides the biological and environmental factors.

  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Hygiene
  • Smoking

Find out what your skin is telling you with this skin calculator from webMD.



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