Energy-Restricted Diets Effective Long Term Weight Loss


Eating a greater volume of food with lower kilocalories per gram, has been proven to work in a long term study (Rolls et al., 2005). The study included 200 over weight individuals who were split into groups. All participants were instructed by dietitians to enter into a energy restricted diet, increase physical activity, and modify behavior to ensure consistency throughout the study. Both groups consumed the same serving size, but one consumed 2 low-energy dense soup servings per day while the other consumed 2 servings of high energy dense snack food.


It worked. The group that consumed the low-energy density soup experienced 50% greater weight loss results at the end of the study. This strategy is effective for long term weight loss because its emphasis is limiting food intake while still feeling full. The set-up consisted of two groups who consumed the same amount of kilocalories per gram in energy density, but with differing amounts of food. The group who consistently ate the low-energy dense foods felt their appetites more satisfied after a serving, and naturally ate less.

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Energy-restricted diets are not recommended for everyone, and require that you consult a health and nutrition specialist before you attempt to take it on yourself! There are a lot of factors in individual behavior to consider such as energy consumption. Notice that the subjects involved in the study mentioned above were advised by dietitians on amount of daily physical activity and behavioral modifications. For san antonio weight loss, talk to one of our specialists at Be Well 365 for more information about this type of dieting. We’ll help you figure out if its right for you, because thats what we do!


ROLLS, BARBARA J., LIANE S. ROE, AMANDA M. BEACH, AND PENNY M. KRIS-ETHERTON. 2005. Low Energy-Dense Foods and Weight Loss. Obesity Research 13(6): 1052–1060


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