Don’t Call it a “Cheat” Day


You know what day we’re talking about. Its the one day out of the week that you can eat ANYTHING you want to! If you follow a strict diet regimen, then this is the day you look forward to every week. Some call it the “cheat” day, but before you cheat yourself, remember the purpose of your diet.

Diets should begin with the intention of being healthy and happy in the end. This goes for everyone, whether your interested in short-term or long-term weight loss, trying to lose a pound or 50 pounds, your health is what matters. Your diet shouldn’t be something that you force yourself to do everyday, and your one day to splurge shouldn’t be the only thing you look forward to. It’s not a “cheat” day because you have no reason to cheat when your already winning. If you indulge, one day out of the week, your still winning. Its actually recommended to have one of these days on the weekend, where you can satisfy one or more of your cravings. So go for it, just remember there are healthy alternatives out there that you can learn to love just as much, and try them out!

Your diet should transition into a comfortable lifestyle of healthy food choices that you enjoy every day of the week. How long it takes you to start enjoying your diet will depend on how drastic of a change it is for you. It is hard in the beginning, but the hardest part is turning down those cravings for the unhealthy foods, empty calories and getting to a point where you crave the good foods! And there are a LOT of delicious and healthy foods out there! Get online and see what you can find!

We found some healthy dessert recipes here


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