Easy Holiday Workout Plans Around the House

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Relatives are in, the gym has different hours, food is everywhere and there is so much to do!

Instead of hibernating over the holiday break, keep your fitness routine going strong by adapting to the winter season. Here are some easy exercises from the BeWell 365 team to do at and around your home. Just grab some soup cans and lets get started.


CARDIO – Walk It Off

Neighborhood walks are a great way to increase your heart rate, include some cardio in your daily routine and even meet your neighbors. Aim to take a brisk 30-minute walk everyday. If you feel comfortable, try some interspersed jogging. Grab you kids or family members and get them in on the fun. Remember, health is a lifestyle.

walking dogs around neighborhood

CARDIO – Get to Jumping, Jack

Too cold outside? Still get your cardio on indoors with some jumping jacks. Clear a space wide enough so that you can jump with your arms and legs outstretched without fear of hitting an object. Start with hands at your sides and feet together. Jump to a position with legs hip-width apart and arms outstretched with hands together above your head. Jump again and bring your hands back down to your sides and your feet closed. Repeat and complete at least three sets of 20.

jumping jacks

CHEST – Ah, Push It

To execute a successful wall push up, place your hands shoulder-width apart on a sturdy wall with feet slightly apart. Back and legs should be straight. Lean forward slightly so most of the weight on your arms. Be sure you are slightly leaning on your toes. Remember to maintain a long, straight line from head to toe. Try to complete three sets of 10 with 45-second breaks.

Wall push up all you

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LEGS – Take A Seat

Position yourself against a sturdy partition with your back on the wall and legs slightly stretched out in front in preparation for wall sits. Lower yourself down on the wall so that your knees are bent and above your feet, creating a 90-degree angle. You should appear as though you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Complete either three sets, holding for 30 seconds each or five sets, holding for 15 seconds each. 

wall sits buzzfeed

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ABS – Hovering

Planks are a great way to engage your abs, back and arms. Get into a pushup position with your back completely straight and hands shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself onto your elbows so that your shoulders are positioned above your elbows. Your feet should be slightly apart as well. For a modified version, slowly lower yourself onto your knees; making sure your back remains straight. Try holding three sets of these, 30 seconds each.

plank position


Hold soup cans of equal weight, one in each hand, and stand with your feet staggered, one foot in front of the other, front knee bent slightly. Back should be straight and abs should be engaged. Extend both arms underneath your shoulders, palms facing each other. Bend forward slightly from the waist. Exhale and slowly pull your arms out to the sides and up to shoulder level as you squeeze your shoulder blades. Switch your lead leg and repeat for at least four sets of 10.

If there isn’t enough time or energy to get to the gym, work out closer to home with these easy work out ideas to keep you moving. Looking for some more healthy living tips and tricks? Contact us today – we would love to help.

reverse-fly-exercise all you

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At BeWell 365 we are helping people achieve their health and fitness goals every day. If you could use more guidance planning your eating and exercise routines, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Ready to stop fad dieting and start living healthy?



Lindsay Miller, Group Fitness Instructor


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