The Fight Against Fad Dieting


Heard of Healthy Food Guide magazine’s Fight The Fads; make every meal healthier? Its a new initiative that will cut through all of the noisy dieting ads we see on a daily basis, and educate people about what is really going on. Well, hopefully. The initiative currently has 220 supporters of the 500 they would like to reach on Thunderclap by August 5th. Nutrition consultants say that too many folks these days are crash dieting, fasting, cutting out entire food groups, and drastically changing calorie intake only to return to their old habits again after the diet. The problem here, nutritionists say, is that while you may achieve short term weight loss goals in doing so, people often go back and forth between losing the weight and gaining it all back again and there is no lifestyle change. For most people, focusing on well balanced meals instead of cutting carbs etc. is the most important change to make. Changing the way you think about dieting, the overarching goal, its practical uses and execution will ultimately change your lifestyle to benefit your overall health. The Fight The Fads campaign is an attempt to raise awareness about deceptive fad diets that have negative effects on overall health in the long run. Nutrition experts suggest:

  • Don’t cut out whole food groups: A balanced diet is essential to making sure you get all of the nutrients you need. Include all of the food groups, fruits and vegetables, dairy, whole grain, meats and occasionally indulge on a dessert or two at least one day of the week. Refer to the eat well plate for more info…

If you would like to check out Fight the Fads, go to Thunderclap Projects. Always listen to an expert nutritionist for dieting advice. They’re primary goal is to help you lose weight and develop long-term healthy eating habits.


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