Why You may have Already Given Up on Your New year’s Resolution

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It’s late January. Your alarm has gone off for the third time and the sun isn’t even up yet. You got up late yesterday, it felt good to sleep in, but you kind of feel guilty about cutting out on your new schedule so early in the year. That thought settles in and weighs heavy and suddenly you don’t feel very inspired anymore. Your mind begins to wander on the busy day you have ahead, the stress, and those familiar feelings of hopelessness begin to creep back. Why does this always seem to happen when you start trying to develop healthy habits?

You Don’t See Progress

Many times, people give up on their health goals because they don’t see any progress. They think that they should look a certain way or feel a certain way shortly into their diet or fitness program. Actually, if you’ve just started to change habits that have developed over years, you may not feel very good at all – in fact, you may feel more fatigued and drained. It takes time for the body to adjust to dramatic changes. Go slow, be patient. Don’t concentrate so much on how you look or feel yet, but on the fact that you are actively changing your life for the better one day at a time.

You’re Too Tired

When you change your diet, especially one that has been full of sugars or carbohydrates, you are effectively removing the only energy source your body has known for years. It’s in a bit of a shock and because it’s not receiving all those calories it’s been accustomed. You may experience headaches, stomach pains, and most of all fatigue. This can be magnified if you are also working out at the same time you’re changing your diet. These dramatic lifestyle changes tax your body and will take some getting used to. This is why it’s important to consult a weight loss doctor and a nutrition expert. They can help you safely plan and navigate the changes your body experiences.

You’re Feeling the Time Crunch

Time, time, time! You started the year getting up early and setting aside time after work to go to the gym. Now, life got in the way. The kids started school again, or your boss asks you to stay late, or you underestimated just how much additional time it takes to prepare all your meals every day. Maybe you bit off more than you could handle. Sometimes it’s best to concentrate on one aspect of your life you can most easily change. Instead of focusing on fitness, diet, and more reading, try using all that energy to establish a strong habit in one of those areas.

You Don’t Have a Plan

The best intentions usually fail without a plan. Before you start something, you have to know where you’re at and where you want to be in a certain amount of time. Then you can lay out a step by step approach that will be as simple as connecting the dots. Some people don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed at the thought of planning their lives day to day. If you’re one of those people you can always get the advice from weight loss clinics that specialize in strategy and personal planning.

You Feel Alone

This is the toughest one. Often, those who want the most help feel the most alone. They have no accountability, no support group, or supportive friends or family members. At Be Well 365 we want to let you know that you don’t have to be alone. We’re right here at our weight loss clinic in San Antonio helping individuals achieve what they never thought possible on their own. If you want to see progress, reduce your fatigue, gain some time, and develop a plan toward a more healthy and happy you – call us today.

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