What’s in Your Kid’s School Lunch?

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Remember the good old days when your mom used to pack you a sack lunch? She’d hand it to you closed up nice and neat with perhaps a little note attached. Based on the weight you could kind of tell what was inside – excitement! There was usually a yummy snack and a scrumptious sandwich paired with fruit or other sides. Those were simpler times.

Now it seems like people rarely if ever bring their own lunch to work, let alone school. More kids are relying on school lunch lines than ever before. After all, the overage cost of a school lunch from elementary school to high school is only about $2.25 – affordable!


A Hard Reputation to Overcome

However, along with that affordability comes a catch. School lunches have been notorious for lacking basic nutritional value growing kids so desperately need to be healthy and successful in school. In recent years, especially under the current Obama administration and programs like Let’s Move!, school lunches have seen changes that would make them healthier; however, a big knock by critics and kids alike is that they can be quite unsightly. Imagine your mystery globs of gook next to red apples and you’ll get the idea.


Good Food Should Look Good Too school lunches

Why can’t good food also look good too? The truth is it’s not very hard to accomplish this. The only thing you have to do is take back the power you have as a parent and take control of your kid’s lunch. Do what your loving mother did back in the day and get more involved with what your child is being fed and fueled by on a daily basis. It can be a fun, collaborative effort as you and your child discover how to put delicious meal combinations together. You might even learn some new things about your kid you never knew before as they in turn learn just what it is a healthy meal is supposed to look like.


Stop Slackin and get ‘Sackin’

Are you ready to make an impact on your children’s nutrition and their education? Great! We hope you discover great lunches to make and create some of your own. Until then, check out some quick school lunch ideas courtesy of Cooking Light: Lunch Box Recipes for Kids.

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