Weight Lifting Isn’t Just for Body Builders


Although lifting weights is associated more with strengthening muscle and keeping bones healthy, also helps to control blood sugar. The muscles primarily helped by lifting weights is known as red muscle and it is at the core of endurance for athletes’ strength. But it turns out that lifting weights also help white muscle which is prevalent among sprinters, weightlifters and those doing resistance training. It is necessary when short bursts of energy are critical.

White muscle becomes more prevalent as people age. Researchers have long believed that the shift from red to white muscles can be harmful, since the dependence on glucose can encourage insulin resistance. Greater demand for sugar leads to higher levels of the insulin hormone and that can overwhelm cells and leave them unable to respond to sugar-metabolizing hormones. But according to new research white muscle can keep blood sugar levels in check.

The perfect way to build white muscle would be to do some weight lifting. It helps control the insulin resistance and high glucose levels that are forecasts for diabetes.


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