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It’s been an a little while since our latest addition of POWER FOODS. What have we been looking into lately? Well here it is, the one – the only, the incredible, edible EGG! So what makes these little spheres pack such a powerful punch of vitamins and nutrition and what should you consider when buying your next batch of eggs?

Buy Organic

Organic standards are different and help reduce risk of contaminated feeds. The process by which the chickens are fed is also different and as such, the typically contain a higher concentration of nutrients. Do keep in mind that labeling an item organic does not automatically mean the animal was free-range or cage-free.

Think Local

It used to be difficult to get your hands on fresh, local eggs. The reason for this was that there was just no way of knowing who to talk to or where to go. The internet has changed everything and now even the smallest operation can get the message out about their offerings. With a bit of research you can be scrambling up some fine, local, healthy eggs of your own.

What are the Health Benefits?

Contains Omega-3
HDL Cholesterol
Vitamin E
Vitamin B-12

There are more health benefits to eating eggs. As always, an important thing to do before changing your diet is to consult with your physician. If you don’t have one, Dr. Eva Lopez, MD would be happy to meet with you.


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