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Health and Technology

Every year it seems that the gap between technology and personal health grows ever smaller. Advances in micro-chip and processor fabrication have allowed devices to become so small and resilient that they can literally be woven into the very fabric of garments. Between 2000 and 2014 the fitness industry has grown every single year and topped out in 2014 at nearly 24.2 billion dollars. In this lucrative industry it’s increasingly important for consumers to become knowledgeable about fitness technology that can benefit them in substantial ways – as well as being able to recognize when a product is simple a passing gimmick. So what was hot? How are smart clothes a game changer?


What was Hot

Personal fitness tracking devices aren’t new anymore. Many well-known athletic and fitness companies like Nike have rolled out their wearables since 2010. In addition, brand new companies have started whose sole focus is to dominate the fitness tracking industry at large – like Fitbit. These wearables range from chest monitors that are strapped around the body, to necklaces and most often bracelets/watches. These devices are typically paired with an app that measures heartrate, respiration, muscle contractions, steps taken, and calories burned. These are useful devices; however, the may soon be pushed into a niche category with the latest wave in wearable fitness tech.


The next wave of workout enhancing technology is here – Smart Clothes

Just like wireless and Bluetooth technology took the mobile phone and music industry by storm, so the creation of smart clothes hope to untether consumers from the complications that come from incorporating technology into fitness. Imagine being able to leave your phone at home on a workout and really be free from the worry of dropping or losing it. Simply put on your favorite, moisture-wicking workout shirt or shorts and let the carefully placed sensors do the rest. After you’re done with your workout and you can conveniently connect o your preferred mobile device to access the valuable amounts of data regarding your performance. Enough of this data will allow you to create unprecedented customized workout, nutrition, and rest plans. Better news is that if real time is your thing, you can access companion apps that allow you to view up-to-the-second info about your workout and adjust accordingly.


Be Well Embraces Fitness Tech

Technology is being used at Be Well 365 to help our patients uncover their underlying medical conditions, formulate customized fitness plans, and to help reach their weight loss goals. Come see how we incorporate apps and more to help you become smarter about your health.


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