How More Sleep Could Help you Burn Calories

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep up with the rat-race that’s modern city living. From commutes out of the suburbs fighting traffic, to coffee only breakfast and binge eating lunch from our favorite takeout – to finally collapsing in exhaustion after a late-night web-surfing session, we might think to ourselves, “Is there any way out of this vicious cycle?”

Traditional thinking towards the concept of personal health tends to focus on exercise and diet. Now of course, in order to be optimally healthy, ideal nutrition and physical activity are important components in achieving this goal. However, there is a critical component that many overlook when trying to lose weight effectively. It is the science of sleep.

If you’ve been trying to eat better and workout but you aren’t experiencing the types of results you want, it may be a good idea to look at your sleep patterns. Studies show that being short on sleep can directly affect how your body burns calories during the day. In fact, it’s thought that 2/3 of Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re constantly fatigued, there’s a good chance you may fall into this statistic.

A lack of sleep has been linked to individuals’ late-night snacking, eating bigger portions in general at mealtime, and thus an increase in weight gain. This brain is literally trained to crave junk food during times when it should be normal for an individual to be sleeping.

If you think you may have weight gain issues related to irregular sleep patterns, you may need a sleep study test or a full body diagnostic from a weight loss clinic in San Antonio. Contact Be Well 365 today to schedule an appointment.


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