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San Antonio Weight Loss Program

The Be Well 365 weight loss clinic, based out of San Antonio, Texas is revolutionizing methods in helping patients shed pounds and retake control of their health. The founding premise of the clinic wasn’t to attract patients that are interested in improving an already healthy physique, rather, Be Well 365 targets individuals who need serious help  improving from where their health and body weight are at today. Be Well 365 helps individuals lose weight who need help the most. Many of these people also experience shame, stress, and anxiety and are in need of a partner like Be Well 365’s, a San Antonio weight loss clinic that creates a calming and supportive environment for patients.

Be Well 365’s Founder Benefited From the Program

Before creating the Be Well 365 program, Dr. Eva Lopez, MD, struggled with obesity for many years throughout her life. After her health began to rapidly deteriorate due to uncontrolled weight gain, Dr. Lopez decided that she would make a major life change, and thus set out to create a system for herself that would help her lose weight and get healthy again. Using the same protocol and principles employed by the Be Well 365 San Antonio weight loss clinic, Dr. Lopez was able to lose over 100 pounds and maintain a healthy body weight once again. It was at this point that she decided that it would be her life’s mission to teach others in similar situations how to lose weight and achieve the same healthy results that she was able to attain.


Be Well 365’s Weight Loss Methods and Services

The Be Well 365 San Antonio weight loss program uses a variety of methods and services to maximize weight loss and improve the overall health of their patients. Some of these weight loss services offered by the clinic include lipotropic B12 injections, which help to increase the body’s metabolism. The clinic also uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy if needed, which can help to correct any hormone-related imbalances that are sometimes associated with extreme weight gain. Behavioral health treatments are also another key component to the Be Well 365 program, as they’re used to address any core psychological problems or compulsions that could work as the underlying reason a person might be binge eating or pursuing other lifestyles that contribute to excess weight gain.

Diet and Nutrition

One of the diets used by the Be Well 365 San Antonio weight loss program is the HCG diet, which induces a faster metabolic rate through the combination of calorie restriction and specialized dietary changes, such as the introduction of protein and healthy fats to replace excess carbohydrates. HCG is not for everyone and there are other programs we offer dependent on the rate of weight loss desired. Patients of the clinic can also get step by step assistance with meal planning, dieting, and nutritional supplementation where needed.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Be Well 365 offers patients the support and guidance they need to have the best chance at success. Your first appointment is an initial consultation, which is used to evaluate whether or not the program is right for you, as well as answering any questions you might have about the program. Be sure to visit the Be Well 365 website and schedule your consultation today!

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