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There are four of us in class this morning, three large women and one…buff dude. Seriously, this guy should be modeling somewhere, making David Beckham look like a tubby warthog. How am I supposed to pay attention to Dr. Lopez with Lost Adonis sitting next to me? Turns out he’s one of the BeWell 365 staff – oh, that explains the scrubs and clipboard. He’s courteous, efficient, and he has an impressive list of medical credentials, too. I decide I either want to adopt him, or fix him up with my gorgeous young niece, or both. That’s where he deftly wields that courteous efficiency of his, and my schemes are thwarted…I am politely redirected with a class outline and a pen for taking notes.

I expect to hear the same old frustrating directives again: Drink more water! Exercise more! Control your portions! Because that’s so easy, isn’t it? Not for me. So tell me something I don’t know. To my surprise, they do just that: we get an unexpectedly interesting explanation of how protein, fat, and carbohydrates are metabolized. Dr. Lopez explains the role of insulin, and how obesity leads to diabetes and a host of problems, some of which I’m already feeling – like this constant hunger. I am always hungry, and I am always tired.

She moves onto reading food labels and our little class lets out a collective groan. Who has time to sift through all those statistics? Within minutes we’re reading sample Nutrition Facts and tossing numbers around authoritatively. It’s actually not so complicated when properly explained. And certainly enlightening – I’ve been inadvertently carbo-loading like a virtual marathoner for years.

And then things get really surprising: the rest of the class is not about what we can’t eat – Dr. Lopez goes on and on excitedly about what we can eat. Homemade meals. Restaurant meals. Fast food. Snacks. And she outlines long lists of foods to enjoy – within a few simple rules. For the first time, I think I can do this. I want scrambled eggs.

*Results may vary. Not all diets work for all people, and weight loss is never guaranteed. 


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