Moxie’s Musings: I Graduate from Note-Taking to Collaborating on My Plan of Action

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healthy plan of actionInterview With A Nutritionist

Back at the Be Well 365 clinic, I meet with Kristen Milu, the Dietician. I was nervous about meeting a nutritionist; I can only imagine the looks of horror she’ll give me when I confess to my proclivity for unbridled food hedonism. Maybe I’ll fudge (mmm, fudge- did I mention that I think in foods?!) and tell her that I don’t like ice cream. Actually, I do – it’s running to the bathroom before finishing a bowl of ice cream that I don’t like. I am lactose intolerant. Apparently it’s common among Hispanics. Que joda.

Kristen must have heard it all before. Before I begin making up wild tales of what I think I should eat, she starts chatting with me like a girlfriend sharing a fun secret. It takes her about half a minute to have me smiling and relaxed – and confessing my real appetites. Kristen’s questions feel more like a collaboration; we talk about how much I crave meat and eggs, but how I usually end up eating bread because it’s faster and more portable. We both know that dark chocolate has antioxidant benefits, but agree that milk chocolate is oh-so-much-more tasty. I had been dreading this meeting, thinking that she might shake her head in disapproval of the foods I eat. Instead, she’s jotting down my preferences, making me feel as if we were planning a bunch of menus in advance. And as it turns out, we are doing just that. A day later, I begin looking over simple recipes and planning out daily menus with Kristen. This really is a collaboration!

*Result may vary. Not all diets are right for all people, and weight loss is never guaranteed. 


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