Low Carb Super Bowl Recipes You Must Try

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The Super Bowl is upon us! It’s a great time for getting together with friends, enjoying playful rivalries and who could forget… eating. Whether it’s buffalo wings or burgers on the grill, no Super Bowl party is complete without a great spread of food. If you’re working to lose weight you may think you’re not able to participate in the eating festivities, but we’re happy to tell you that you can! Below are four hearty, delicious and best of all low carb recipes perfect for Sunday’s big game. 

Low Carb Super Bowl Recipes

Bacon Wrapped Low Carb Jalapeno Poppers

Recipe shared from: I Breathe I’m Hungry

As if these bacon wrapped low carb jalapeno poppers couldn’t get any better, try replacing the bacon with turkey bacon for an equally delicious even lower carb alternative. 

Loaded “Faux-tato” Skins

Recipe shared from: I Breathe I’m Hungry

Warm and cheesy potato skins, is there anything better? Now there is! These low carb “fake” potato skins provide all the flavor and none of the guilt. Snack on. 

Buffalo Balls

Recipe shared from: I Breathe I’m Hungry

All the favor and none of the mess! These buffalo balls cure the sports game buffalo cravings while saving you from having to watch people eat wings on your nice sofa. Give the people what they want, buffalo!

Artichoke-Spinach Dip Stuffed Mushrooms

Recipe shared from: Eating Well, Living Thin 

Stuffed mushrooms make for a hearty and warm appetizer that is perfect for the big game. Keep your party goers full without causing snacking guilt. 

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