Healthy Habits: Let’s Change How We View “Spring Break Shape”

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It’s in the news, on the internet, and on your social media profiles. The New Year’s resolutions are done with and it’s all about getting that Spring break body everyone is raving about. Now, unless you’re still in college or somehow manage to swing your work vacation that coincides with this time, Spring Break may not mean that much to you anymore.

For millions of people though, the thought of those first few days of balmy beach weather have them anxious to get in shape to get out and can lead to some pretty irresponsible methods to get what they want.

Traditional Ideas of Spring Break

Spring Break is all about youthful vigor, casting off those layers of winter wear to reveal a bit more skin and to forget work and school for a few days. Think of it as a preparatory trail period for the coming summer. The problem is that most people have been lying around all winter, staying in from the cold – eating more and moving less. As soon as they feel that first warm day around mid-February, their thoughts of Spring leap to the front of their minds. Eager to go swimsuit shopping or book that hotel room at the beach, they suddenly realize that they don’t want to be seen with the extra winter weight they’ve gained.

The trouble is that Spring Break is usually only 2-3 weeks away when people “spring” into action. So they try all sorts of irresponsible ways to shed the pounds. From fad dieting, to carb-cutting, to protein-only meals, shakes and elixirs, pills and pushing themselves physically to exhaustion, to even going on extreme fasts – there seems to be no limit to the extreme habits people will endorse. Not only are most these weight loss methods temporary, they can be unhealthy as they put the body in state of shock from exertion and nutrient deprivation.

What “Being in Shape” Should Mean

If you’re just starting to get in shape for Spring Break, there are a few ways you can cultivate a healthy perspective and a responsible approach.

First realize that anything worth doing takes time. A couple of weeks are not enough to get 2 sizes smaller or to get those toned legs and abs. Pushing yourself to collapse is just asking for discouragement and even injury.

Second, realize that it is much better to ¬feel healthy, than to look healthy. There are people walking around with bodies that appear fit, but they lack energy and are constantly fatigued. Feeling healthy is a great way to feel confident and it’s that confidence that others will find attractive. While you may not get abs in a few weeks, changing your diet now is a more immediate way to change how you feel in the short amount of time you have.

Most importantly, have FUN. Be determined that no matter how your body looks, you’re going to have a great time. Spend quality time with friends and family and just be yourself apart from traditional ideas of Spring Break.

Learn Healthy Habits at Be Well 365

Everyone has an idea of what the ideal body is for themselves. What do you wish for yourself? Beauty isn’t in being rail-thin; real beauty is in the confidence that comes from balanced wellness of body and mind. If you’re eager to develop a strategy that will help you achieve your health goals, Be Well 365 is here for you.


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