3 Awesome Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving


Wahoo! The grand day is almost upon us. THANKSGIVING. Yes, we know it isn’t all about the food, but you can’t deny that eats and treats are a central part of Turkey day. In all of the anticipation and cooking, it can be easy to lose sight of weight loss or health goals you may set for yourself.

Watch the video below courtesy of Nulevel training for three helpful tips on how to have a healthier, less guilty thanksgiving. They are basic and simple, but usually the best tips are!


1. Plan an activity! Post-feast activities will help jumpstart your metabolism to begin digesting all that tummy-busting goodness! Don’t lounge around!

2. Eat breakfast! The say it is the most important meal of the day right? Eating a healthy breakfast will help curb that tendency to overindulge.

3. Small plates! Filling up a small plate will trick your mind into thinking you’re eating a ton. Bigger plates tempt us to cover every inch with mashed potatoes.


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