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Lets Zumba! if you want a weight loss strategy thats proven to be effective, you should check out Zumba. Its a high intensity dance fitness routine that encompasses latin dances such as Salsa and world music beats. If you’ve ever seen a small clip of a Zumba class on the web or in advertisements you can see why its such an effective routine. Its no wonder why people are burning 400 to 600 calories per hour and sometimes more! You may think that its not for everyone or that its probably an extremely exclusionary workout for those of us in “perfect” shape. However, unlike some dance fitness routines, everyone in the family can join in. Many classes have a variety of participants of shapes, sizes and ages and don’t require a certain measure of athleticism.

The reason why Zumba is gaining popularity is because its working for so many people. It offers those of us who desire a positive health and fitness experience a chance to try something thats fun as well as social and effective. What could be better for your overall well being than dancing with all of your friends while getting a full body workout? A recent Zumba study by Dr. John Porcari revealed that Zumba is most effective because its an interval training exercise, that shifts from high intensity to low intensity and back and forth. “a person can burn an average of 369 calories (9.5 calories per minute) after doing a 38-minute class with an average heart rate of 154 beats per minute.”

If Zumba sounds good to you, put it to the test! Search San Antonio weight loss for some classes and or instructors in the area or check with your local gym!



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