What you need to know about online weight loss supplements!


Ever been in a position where you’d be desperate enough to try anything? Maybe you’ve been so hungry you’d pay ten bucks for a slice of pizza at a basketball game. Maybe you’ve payed twice as much for a plane ticket just so you can get home sooner. We’ve all been there. We might regret these decisions in hindsight or maybe we would do the very same thing again, but what’s certain is that all you really lost was some hard-earned cash.

What about being desperate enough to gamble with your health? In the multi-billion dollar industry of online weight-loss supplements, every day thousands of people do exactly this. Wanting to see results quickly and without concern for side-effects, desperate people spend hundreds of dollars on “herbal” remedies and “natural” supplements.

Some of these pills and powders are harmless enough and only serve to make purchasers a bit embarrassed at the results. In other words other than  being a waste of money – they are harmless. However, this isn’t true for all weight-loss supplements. Some do offer visible results that seem to work wonderfully, but harbor debilitating side-effects.

The majority of the herbal and weight-loss industry’s money comes from online sales due to ease of purchase and the difficulty in regulation. While many countries have worked to halt distribution and sale of these snake-oil salesmen and their potentially fatal products, the biggest problem lies with their availability on the internet.

Those who are overweight and overwhelmed at the prospect of losing weight may fall prey to flashy advertising and photoshopped bombshells promising similar results. In almost all instances they promise not only easy weight loss, but fast weight loss. Just pop a pill and forget about it. So people eager and desperate enough to try anything – try it.

Many of these supplements work through cheap chemistry tricks. For instance, the stimulant DMAA can be found in many weight-loss pills and its function is to increase metabolism many times over. Basically a caffeine overdose, this stimulant overclocks the body’s natural metabolic rate sometimes up to 20x, increasing heart-rate and respiration, and causing potentially fatal heart conditions.

Another stimulant found in many get-skinny-fast pills is DNP. DNP is banned in the United States for human consumption, but is easily available online. DNP is a pesticide that is also a hunger suppressant. One of its side effects is that it increases internal body temperature and if abused can cause death by literally COOKING the body from the inside out.

Not pretty right? But this is startling reality for many men and women who opt for the easy pill-approach rather than professional assistance from a weight loss physician. They may think they’re saving some money, but in the long run they are really gambling with their lives.

Health experts strongly urge people not to take “herbal” or “weight-loss” supplements purchased online without first consulting a physician. There are no shortcuts to becoming healthy and happy. Don’t be fooled by delusions of a “2 Week body Transformation” or believe lines like “Watch the pounds melt away!” It takes effort, time, and yes, a little monetary investment.

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