These Fitness Workouts will be Trending in 2015: Start Losing Weight Today!

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The end of a year is upon us. How did 2014 treat you? It was a great year for reaching fitness and health goals. As with every year that comes it brings with it its food, fashion, and entertainment trends to add to the every growing chapter of human innovation and creativity. However, one thing that is often overlooked are fitness trends.

Every year there are fitness trends that fall in and out of favor. 2014 and 2015 will were and will be no different. Let’s take a look at what was hot in 2014 and what we can expect to grow in popularity into next year.

What was hot in 2014

These fitness activities reached their zenith early this year and are on their way out as far as popularity is concerned. They’ll still be around, but are definitely not growing in popularity anymore.

Zumba is the fast-paced dance workout that utilizes Latin and world beats to generate high energy workout. It first ranked no. 10 as the most popular workout of 2012. Last year it dropped to 13 and this past year fell out of the top 20 fitness trends. Experts believe it was simply a fad and that in general, fitness programs like Zumba are on their way out.

Pilates may be using popularity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a quality fitness regime. Pilates is a concentrative mind/body workout that focuses on micro-muscles and breathing. The problem is that it takes too long for most people to start seeing the results they want. Impatience seems to be the problem, and it’s a shame that Pilates has to suffer for it.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cylcing will always be with us. It’s one of the simplest workouts you can do: hop on the bike and go. It’s also a great way to recover from injury. However, as group fitness workout indoor Cycling won’t be growing its numbers any time soon. Some gyms have tried to make their cycling workouts more interactive by using projection screens and 4D type special effects. However, many people are just wondering why they don’t get outside and hop on a real bike instead.

What will be hot in 2015

Body Weight Training
Boy weight exercises have always been with us and have been the foundation by which all athletes begin training. More people are realizing that they can ditch those expensive machines and clumsy weight sets for a better option…their own body. The beauty of body weight exercises is that it allows for greater creativity as the individual must find new ways of testing their body, it also creates a greater body awareness as it requires that the individual develop proper balance and stabilizer muscles. Greater flexibility and injury prevention are positive benefits that come with a focus on body weight exercises.

High Intensity Interval Training
The slew of bootcamps, military-style workouts and Crossfit boxes are growing in number and don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. This new trend will further explode due to national recognition and formation of professional Crossfit competitions being broadcast on ESPN and other networks. American s love competition and any fitness trend that markets itself as being competitive will draw a mass following.

Functional Fitness
Look for “Functional Fitness” to be the new buzzword for 2015. These primarily core-centered workouts focus on dynamic movement instead of raw strength or endurance. They utilize trail walks, medicine balls, sandbags, box jumping, etc. The purpose of functional fitness is not necessarily to be super-fit for a particular sport, but to be fit and ready for everyday life.

Start your own trend Today

Come into Be Well 365 today for a fitness evaluation. If you haven’t been active in years, not to worry. We’ll help you establish parameters, goals, and help you uncover something that you don’t even know you love yet. Start your own trend this coming year and start living life to the fullest.



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