Summer is approaching… Only One Thing To Do


Summer is approaching which means two things: fun in the sun and scorching hot weather! Although the one hundred degree Texas weather may not be the thing your looking forward you can still cool off at the pool! If you get tired of relaxing at the pool all summer, try getting some exercise while your there!

Swimming offers a way for you to beat the heat while keeping healthy and fit. When running is too unbearable to even consider in the afternoon, try swimming a couple of laps! Its proven to give you almost the same full body workout as running, but you have the ability to do more with less! Incase that doesn’t convince you, check out some more reasons to swim:

  • Your body becomes lighter when your submerged in water, so you workout will take less of a toll on your frame.
  • Exercising in the water builds muscle tone quickly due to the resistance.
  • You can improve your flexibility while swimming, putting your body in a full range of motion.
  • It’s good for your heart. Remember, swimming is a healthy aerobic exercise which gives you better bloodflow.
  • Burns a lot of calories! For just 10 minutes of breast stroke, you can burn 60 calories.
  • Improves asthma symptoms, strengthening your lung capacity.
  • Lowers high cholesterol.
  • Lowers your risk of diabetes.
  • Overall feelings of wellbeing. Swimming releases endorphins and evokes relaxation similar to yoga.
  • Live longer!


Ready to get healthy, happy, and live life to the fullest?


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