Splurge but Eat Healthy at Pei Wei

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Eat healthy at Pei Wei
Eating out is the chief of all dieting sins! Or is it? By and large there has been a continual push by the weight loss and wellness industry to tell their customers that they should never eat out if they want to see results. As a result, there are thousands of men and women that go through their days continually fighting of the “temptation” to give in and indulge in their guilty pleasures.

For some it is a specific menu item that they can’t pass up, for others it is something about a particular restaurant that they just love. Either way, when it comes to food, your primary concern shouldn’t be where you are eating your food, but what you are eating. Much like our previous piece about eating healthy at Chile’s, this week we’d like to share our hints on how to eat healthy at Pei Wei.

Kung Pao Chicken Lettuce Wrap (steamed)

Calories – 540
Fat – 29
Sat Fat – 4.5
Cholesterol(mg) – 55
Sodium – 3290
Carbs – 40
Fiber – 6
Sugar – 25
Protein – 29

Kung Pao Shrimp Lettuce Wrap (steamed)

Calories – 470
Fat – 27
Sat Fat – 4
Cholesterol(mg) – 60
Sodium – 3310
Carbs – 33
Fiber – 6
Sugar – 25
Protein – 16

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Calories – 540
Fat – 30
Sat Fat – 7
Cholesterol(mg) – 35
Sodium – 3130
Carbs – 31
Fiber – 5
Sugar – 15
Protein – 38

Asian Chopped Chicken Salad (no dressing)

Calories – 470
Fat – 16
Sat Fat – 3
Cholesterol(mg) – 15
Sodium – 540
Carbs – 31
Fiber – 6
Sugar – 6
Protein – 46

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