San Antonio: Weight Loss Tips From the Fitness Guru’s Themselves


Time Magazine’s Health Tips for National Nutrition Month, tells us why we should take advice from the fitness Guru’s. What is a fitness Guru you ask? Doctors, dietitians, fitness trainers, healthy chefs and all of the most knowledgeable in the fitness world are a few. Time interviewed 10 of the best in the field to get the advice straight from the experts and their personal fitness routines.

  • The Diet Guru
  • The Fitness Trainer
  • The Doctor
  • The Sports Medicine Expert
  • The Dietitian
  • The Fitness Entreprenuer
  • The Healthy Chef
  • The Yogi
  • The Adventurer

After reviewing the list of healthy advice from the experts its hard not to find some piece of advice that you can work into your own routine. I found some surprisingly simple solutions such as Diet Guru, David Kirchhoff’s thoughts about general weight loss and healthy living, “Focus on the end game: eating the smart foods as a matter of habit, not willpower. The key is to use the right tools and support to help you make healthy life automatic and easy, not a test of character and resolve”. Many of these experts have ideologies that overlap.

Former Championship Boxer, Michael Olajide Jr. says that “having unconventional eating habits is okay (…) The body can subsist on very little, especially if you aren’t in a profession that requires you to be physically active”.

Dr. David Satcher says that he participates in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, as prescribed to his patients. We need to “maintain the same level of daily performance and weight.”

Dr. Sonu S.  Ahluwalia offers a health resolution as simple as “Get enough sleep. Less Stress. Meditate”.

As far as diet goes, Dietitian Jess Kolko says her diet consists of “90% vegan and 10% sushi”. That may be a little extreme for the rest of us, but she adds that “Focusing on foods in their whole, natural forms and making it the norm and to cook simply with seasonal ingredients is the best way to stop battling your plate”.

Fitness entrepreneur Neda Talebian, Co-Founder and CEO of FiTiST says in her fitness regimen, “I need to sweat every day. I run, spin, take barre and bootcamp classes, and mix in some yoga. It’s all about mixing it up. It’s good for the body and the mind”.

Most of the pro’s it seems are going vegan, but Healthy Chef and founder of Food Matters NYC, Tricia Williams says that when it comes to a healthy diet, “I go by the 80/20 rule. 80% plant-based and 20% animal protein”.

The Yoga instructor Tamal Dodge says that in his fitness regimen, “I practice yoga every day, but I make sure it’s a balance. If I do a hard vinyasa flow practice one day, I’ll go more restorative the next. I’ll do something every day. I ride my bike, I surf and swim. Whatever I’m doing, I try to do something that I enjoy. That gives me the motivation to stick with it”.

I feel like I took a little piece of advise from all of the experts, but my health and weight loss style is most drawn to the adventurer. From Will Gadd, pro-outdoor sports guru, “I try to do something, it doesn’t matter what, every single day. Go for a walk with my daughter on my back. Climb a rock. Swim. Kayak. Paddle a canoe. Lift weights. Run. Just do something physical and outside if at all possible every single day. We are all athletes, and capable of amazing things”.

Which advise from which expert did you find most helpful?
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