Quick Workouts Done Right at Home


We all know that the winter is approaching and the idea of heading outside to the gym or doing any sort of outside exercises become less and less appealing. Here are some easy exercises that can be done in a matter of 20 minutes right in your home. Remember in order for you to see results you need to keep up with these exercises and watch what you eat on a daily basis. These exercises may be simple and easy and you might think it is a piece of cake, but in reality doing these 20 minute workouts every day is everyone’s problem when trying do any sort of exercises. Being consistent with your workouts is the key to see progress.

1. Squats– If you are just a beginner it is best for you to begin with warming up by doing a set of squats. You would need to complete 3 sets of 15 squats.

-Squats work your lower body muscle. Legs, back, and abdomen are some of your body parts that you will work on while doing squats.

-Correct squats are done by putting your back towards the wall and planting your feet lightly outward, but not straight ahead. Bend your knees into 90 degree angle and go up and down until you do 15 squats. Remember when you do squats do not go all the way down.

2. Push up– For most people push-ups are no one’s favorite. Incorporating push-ups into your daily work outs will definitely motivate you to continue to work out even more. For beginners push-ups do not always come out perfect, but as long as you give it a go, and work on doing correct push-ups you will see the results. Start off by doing 10 push-ups if possible, even though they might not be done correctly.

– Push-ups work your entire body, from your abdomen, pectorals, triceps, and deltoids.

-Position your elbows straight up and lock them. Lower yourself by bending your elbows until your chest almost touches the floor. Come back up by pushing through the floor.

3. Jumping jacks- Many people might think that jumping jacks are not great for working out, but in reality jumping jack helps your body in many different ways.     Start off by attempting 3 sets of 50 jumping jacks. As the weeks progress encourage yourself to attempt more jumping jacks every week.

-Jumping jacks work your legs, arms, and even your calve muscles. If you can’t find time to run then why not do jumping jacks at home? Jumping jacks work your cardiovascular endurance, weight-bearing, and it even helps you kill all those calories you consumed throughout the day.

– When doing jumping jacks you need to position your arms by your side and be sure to have your feet straight and close together. You then bend your knees and jump while spreading your arms and legs at the same time. Raise your arms towards your ears and open your feet a little wider than shoulder width. This exercise should be done all at the same pace.

As you can see here were 3 workouts that can be done right at home. Remember take your time in doing these work outs, but at the same time try to do these exercises correctly. Do not try and do all of these 3 exercises all in one day. It’s suggested to do one exercise each day. Remember drink lots of water and enjoy your workout.


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