POWER FOODS – Dandelions?


Here’s a power food that’s sure to have struck your interest. Aren’t dandelions those little yellow blossoms that seem to be poking out of every crack and fresh bed of grass? They’re the ones you can pick and blow scores of floating seed everywhere right? The answer is yes and yes!

This is little plant, commonly referred to as a weed is known to have a remarkable cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. In other countries, the dandelion is revered and used as a tasty green in soups, salads, and other dishes. However, here in the U. S., the dandelion has taken a backseat to many other more mainstream garden veggies.

The best part about dandelions is that you can usually get them for free. The commonly grow in urban settings, soccer fields, flower beds, and lawns. While the leaves and stalk are edible, usually only the bright yellow blossom is used. If foraging isn’t your forte that’s alright. You may be able to get dandelions at your local specialty food store.


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