Master Awareness Before You Can Master Your Health and Fitness


Health and fitness, for anyone whose ever tried to master their own, is fundamentally the ability to build good habits and break the bad ones. You can read any blog with every possible piece of good information from, get at least 30 minutes of physical activity in per day, or try the all-natural paleo-diet. But, what actually moves you to try these things? It can’t be a 300 page inspiring article that motivates you to change your life.

What great health and fitness content does is help make you aware of the solutions and problems that many people face. I read an article recently that talks about raising our levels of awareness. That’s when I started thinking about the importance of awareness in health and fitness.

James Clear wrote, “For better habits, measure something”. You must have a clear beginning an end goal before you can discover the means of achieving it.

“If you’re serious about making change, then you can’t sit around and hope to magically become aware of the important things. Instead, you need to make an active effort to measure and track what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.” – James Clear

This reminds me of my own personal exercise habits and the things that I actually accomplish. It usually never gets done if I keep telling myself, I need to do this. It works better if you get it in writing. Measure the amount of time you spend at the gym during the week, then think about how much time you would like to go, and finally, make the necessary arrangements based on your goals.

Mastering the art of awareness, is the first step to mastering the art of anything. I think this makes a great coaching sentiment.  🙂


Ready to get healthy, happy, and live life to the fullest?

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