7 At-Home Workouts to Try ASAP

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It’s a never ending struggle. How do you fit a workout routine into your busy schedule? The gym is too far from your house and it feels intimidating. The workout classes don’t work with your schedule and aren’t right for your fitness level.


You know you need to workout and you always feel better when you do, but how are you supposed to make it happen when you have so many other demands on your time?


We’ve put together a list of some of the best workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re far along in your fitness journey or you’re just getting started, try some of these manageable routines!


Toning Workout

All you need for this workout is a chair, a hand towel, and a pair of hand weights. These movements only require 60 seconds of effort each and they work your inner thigh, butt, shoulders, back, and arms. Imagine the changes you’d see for only 20 minutes everyday!


Tonight Workout Tips


Equipment Free Workout

If you’ve got even less time during the day, try this simple 5 minute workout to stay active during the week. This incredibly fast workout is a full-body exercise routine that burns calories fast. Try to work this in on the days your limited on extra time.


Equipment Free Workouts

Yoga Classes

Whether you’re a pro or you’re trying yoga for the first time, this library of online yoga classes will help you get into the practice. With classes ranging from 20 minutes to over an hour you can fit one of these classes into almost any routine.

At-home Yoga


Strength Training

This step-by-step guide to strength training will help you stretch and build muscle at the same time. By trying to squeeze a short cardio warm up in beforehand, you can get a great workout by following this short program.


Strength Training Exercises


Lower-Body Workout

This simple yet effective lower-body workout will make you feel the burn! Compete against yourself as you time yourself and alternate between 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 15 squats and then a quick rest before transitioning to 5 jump squats, 10 alternating lunges, and 15 reverse crunches. You got this!


Lower Body Workout

Beginners Workout

This helpful, downloadable workout cheat sheet has great illustrations for a guided workout that you can do from pretty much anywhere. You’ll never have an excuse not to exercise again!


Workouts for Beginners

On the Floor Workout

I bet you never thought you could do an entire workout from the floor! Sculpt and tone your thighs with this easy, short workout with how-to videos.


At Home Workouts


Mix and match or chose your favorite for a simple and realistic home workout routine!


We’d love to hear your experience trying out some of these workouts. Tell us about it in the comments below.

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