A Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family, friends, good health, and great food. This year, instead of serving your usual turkey smothered in gravy, candied yams, and pumpkin pie try healthier recipes. There are plenty healthy Thanksgiving recipes out there that we can all enjoy. The following healthy dishes have all of the taste, but less fat, calories, and sodium. Server up a fresh approach to healthy eating this Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


If you are hosting a small gathering, buy a turkey breast rather than the whole bird, as breast meat is lower in calories than dark meat. If you happen to buy a whole turkey avoid “self-basting” turkeys, as they often contain added fat. Also, if you are one to rub your turkey with butter, why don’t you try spraying it with oil spray and seasoning it with salt and pepper.


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Just about everyone eats stuffing with their turkeys, ever considered eating a healthy stuffing? Fruit stuffing, stuffing with cranberries, celery, and wild rice stuffing are just a few healthy stuffing’s that you can eat this Thanksgiving. Sounds not so great, but why not give it a try?

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For this Thanksgiving why don’t you “WOW,” everyone at dinner by bringing  healthy favorable side dishes to share with your friends and family. Instead of having your usual mac & cheese or mash potatoes alternate them with the following dishes. Some new dishes you can try and make this year is Sautéed Brussels sprouts with bacon and onions, honey glazed sweet potatoes, spinach shiitake salad, rice-stuffed squash recipe, sweet carrots, and spiced root-vegetable wedges recipe.

Courtsey of www.fatfreevegan.comWith all these healthy meals you can eat well and enjoy all of the wonderful flavors of Thanksgiving. Why not give it a try and enjoy a different Thanksgiving meal this year.



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