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Don’t let all the bees and smiles give you the wrong impression. Be Well 365 was founded by Dr. Eva Lopez, Board Certified Internal Medicine. 

Once a leading Weight Loss Clinic based in San Antonio, TX, Be Well 365 changed the lives of many patients by helping them get off unnecessary medications, begin the road to recovery, and reach their health and wellness goals. BeWell365 has since evolved into an online community of passionate health enthusiasts who are committed to staying informed about the latest weight loss, nutrition and wellness advice. 

High-Quality Comprehensive Care

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Dr. Lopez joined HealthTexas to offer the finest, most advanced healthcare available. A unique advantage of joining HealthTexas Medical Group is the ability to offer patients additional services, such as a full team of healthcare providers to include Case Managers, Social Workers and Advanced Practice Clinicians to name a few. 

Dr. Lopez is excited to continue offering high quality and comprehensive care for years to come!

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